The American Embassy in the Kingdom of Thailand

The American Embassy in the Kingdom of Thailand

Named as the third biggest American embassy on the planet, the US embassy in Bangkok, Thailand gives many administrations outfitted towards the advancement of US intrigues in the South East Asian district overall. Alongside the US office in Chiang Mai, the embassy is likewise entrusted to offer types of assistance to American residents who are working, living or visiting in the Kingdom. The ongoing US representative, His Excellency Eric John heads the two US embassy and department in Thailand.

The Consular Area

Embassy in Thailand One of the two primary elements of the consular part of the US embassy is to support outsiders who might want to go to the US for their Visa concerns. With its Visa area, the US embassy in Bangkok processes a wide range of US Visa applications accessible for example non-worker and settler Visas. Non-settler Visas incorporate traveler Visas and business Visas while migrant Visas can be as K1 Life partner Visa, K3 Marriage Visa, CR-1, IR-1 and Work Visa among others. Those living in the northern piece of Thailand can delicate their vacationer Visa application at the U.S. Department in Chiang Mai as the office can process nonimmigrant Visas. Outsider Visas regularly set aside some margin to process attributable to the thorough system and necessities included. Non-foreigner Visas in the mean time are handled inside a couple of endless supply of the Visa application. The Visa officials ordinarily lead interview with the candidate as a component of the Visa application process. This is normally finished by arrangement.

Area in Bangkok

The US embassy in Bangkok is strategically placed at 120/22 Remote Street, Bangkok, Thailand 10330. It is open from Monday to Friday from 7 AM to 4 PM. The embassy notices both Thai and US occasions. You can call the embassy through Tel: +66-2-205-4000.

Area in Chiang Mai

The US Office in Chiang Mai is on Wichayanond Street. The office can be reached by telephone Tel: +66-53-107-700. You can likewise sign in to the department’s true site beneath for more data.

US Visa Help

The US Embassy in Thailand embraces no Visa specialists to help candidates in their US Visa Thailand applications. Candidates have the decision to enroll the administrations of respectable Visa specialists to help them with the overwhelming errand associated with the US Visa application process. Be attentive, however, about corrupt specialists who entice you with their low expenses and created examples of overcoming adversity. It’s in every case best to talk with US Visa experts with a strong encounter of helping candidate in their US Visa applications.

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